Custom Size Request


A stretcher bar or canvas frame is just a stapled piece of wood?

Well, for fly by night manufacturers it might be, but for us at CANVAS FRAME we see our beautifully manufactured frame the same way your client does…

Your client sees it as a lifetime of memories, an accomplishment, a reminder of a place or person lost in time – to your loyal customer this is a priceless decoration in their living space.

Do you really want to risk these memories and a client relationship with sub-par frames?

Here at CANVAS FRAME, we have spent a decade of research, inventing, experimenting and evolving to make the perfect CANVAS FRAME (Trust me, it never stops being improved)

We take pride in our work, pride in our quality and pride in our customer relationships!

We have a super productive factory in the Estate Lammermoor near Lanseria airport, and are on an early morning and lunchtime courier route – So we do our best to get orders out as fast as possible!

We have a stock holding of 1000+ canvas frames to ensure efficiency.

Custom sizes? Over the past decade, we have become synonymous with bespoke manufacturing. From tiny canvas stretcher bars to huge corporate wall decorations – we do them all!

Our workshop is also prepared for bulk stretching of large orders you recieve 50 / 100 / 500 frames stretched perfectly and fast? No problem!

Talk to us – we love a challenge and would like to work with you!

Thank you